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Cancer Cure Guide

A Guide to Alternative Cancer Treatment Options


If you've recently received a cancer diagnosis, you are probably reeling from trying to understand why this is happening to you. "Cancer" is a terrifying word, with equally terrifying treatment prospects. Almost everyone has heard horror stories about the side effects of chemo therapy and radiation sessions. In today's world, more and more patients are considering alternatives to chemo therapy.


As you read the remainder of this guide, you will learn more about picking the right chemo alternatives and radiation alternatives for you. Different types of different are most effective on different types of cancer, so it's important to understand that not all options will be good ones for you. There are, however, sure to be some treatments that you can try to beat cancer for good.


Cancer Ablation Is Good For Some Tumors


Certain sorts of cancerous tumors respond well to Cancer ablation, a process in which solid tumors are frozen or burned until they are eradicated. This generally requires several appointments. Cancer ablation is most effective when it is used to treat liver cancer, stomach cancer, and, in specific situations, brain cancer. Talk to your doctor to find out if this might be a good chemo alternative for the type of cancer you've been diagnosed with.


Eliminate Carbohydrates May Starve Your Cancer Cells


Over the past few years, more and more studies have shown that cancer cells thrive off of the sugars that are in carbohydrates. Thus, one of the most common alternatives to chemo therapy or radiation is to simply cut all carbs out of one's diet. Over time, this will cause cancer cells to starve to death. If you are thinking about trying this method, you should make a point of finding a nutritionist who has successfully helped other cancer sufferers beat cancer for good by changing their diets. You do need to note that you will never be able to go off of this diet once you start it. Make sure to visit this website at to find out more facts about cancers.


Consider Acupuncture As Part of Your Program


Acupuncture is a chemo alternative and radiation alternative that people use primarily for pain management, in conjunction with other types of treatment. Some acupuncturists are able to help their cancer patients lead fuller, more vibrant lives until they beat cancer for good. Talk to your doctor about whether or not seeing an acupuncturist could be useful for you. Naturopathic physicians often know local acupuncturists they can recommend, click here to learn more