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Cancer Cure Guide

How to Treat Cancer Naturally


Cancer is one of the most dreaded chronic diseases. A person may be affected by different types of cancer. For example, there is skin cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer and so on. In most cases, cancer is treated using chemotherapy. This therapy involves killing of the cancerous cells using electronic treatment. The treatment can be effective for cancer diseases that are in the early stages. However, for cancers that have progressed to mid or late stages, the treatment can only reduce the cancerous cells in the body. Patients who have middle and late stage cancer may have to undergo chemotherapy treatment for many months.


However, there are a number of downsides you should be aware of regarding chemotherapy. For example, patients who go through the sessions end up suffering from a number of side effects. Some of the common side effects of chemotherapy include depression, loss of hair, chronic fatigue syndrome and candida. Apart from this, chemotherapy can be quite expensive. Majority of insurance companies do not cover the sessions in their policy.


Alternative Cancer Treatment Methods

There are various alternative cancer treatment methods you can opt for that do not involve chemotherapy. These methods mostly involve dietary and lifestyle changes. The methods are cheaper that chemotherapy and put you in control of your treatment. Moreover, they do not come with any side effects. If you are looking for a nature cancer treatment method, consider alternatives to chemo therapy.


Overview of Gerson Therapy

Gerson therapy is named after the person who started it, Dr. Max Gerson. The German-born American doctor started the therapy more than 90 years ago and was able to cure thousands of patients who had cancer with it. Today, many alternative health practitioners prescribe Gerson therapy to patients with cancer.


Gerson therapy involves lifestyle and dietary changes. To begin, a cancer patient is supposed to avoid being stressed. Apart from this, he/she has to stick to a natural diet that includes taking raw juices, beef liver, immune booster, and probiotic plants. By following the Gerson diet and lifestyle therapy, the cancerous cells can be eliminated from your body with a year or two. It is important to be committed to the therapy for the best results. Some experts recommend following the Gerson therapy with conventional treatments. For more facts about cancer, visit this website at


There are different ways in which you can get rid of cancer through natural ways. Gerson therapy is one of the most effective methods you can use. Beat cancer for good today!